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Formed Fit Brochure

Formed Fit Brochure


Custom Suit

Custom Suit

  • All options are included with our custom suit
    (e.g. embroidery, button options, accents, fittings, etc.)
  • Average time to design a custom suit is 3-4 weeks
    However it is best to give about 3 months before your planned date
  • Lifetime after service on buttons & seams


  • Design | 30 min
  • Craft | 4 weeks
  • Fit | 1-5 days

Pricing (Package | 150s-160s | 120s- 140s)

  • 2 PCS | $649.99 | $849.99
    Jacket, Pants
  • 3 PCS | $749.99 | $949.99
    Jacket, Pants, Vest or Shirt
  • Wedding Package | $899.99 | $1,199.99
    Jacket, Pants, Vest, 2 Shirts, Belt, Cufflinks
  • Business Package | $1,499.99 | $1,999.99
    2 Jackets, 4 Pants, 8 Shirts, 2 Belts
  • Custom Shirt $129.99 | Custom Vest $149.99 | Custom Slacks $199.99

Designer Suit

Designer Suit

  • Designer suits are slim style suits designed to suit your body shape
  • All designer suits are handmade in-house with wool fabric
  • You can customize any of our designer suits for additional $99
  • Lifetime after service on buttons & seams


  • Daniel Craig | $429.99 | Black, Blue, Gray, Dark Gray, Plum
  • Sean Connery | $499.99| Light Gray Window Pane
  • Berry Nelson | $529.99 | Pinstripe Gray
  • Roger Moore | $599.99 |Special Edition Blue

Bring Your Own Suit

Bring Your Own Suit

  • Bring your old suit to have it fitted for your new look, or bring that suit you bought but doesn’t quite fit the way you want it
  • Average tailoring time is 1-2 weeks
  • We ask you to make appointments to ensure the tailor’s presence

General Alteration Pricing

  • Jackets
    • Sleeves Narrow $25
    • Sleeves Shorten – Sleeves $45
    • Sleeves Shorten – Arm $75
    • Back In $35-$60
    • Length Shorten $45
    • Shoulder & Back In $120
  • Pants
    • Waist In/Out $18
    • Hem $15
    • Side In $30
  • Shirts
    • Sleeve Shorten $18-$30
    • Side In $28

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Current Special

  • Date: October 1-27, 2018
  • Special: Custom Pants | $199.99 value
  • Eligible Item: Any Custom Suit
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Daily Deals | 40-60% Off


  • All designer suits older than 6 months will be available for clearances
  • Discounts are 40-60% off
  • Reservation is NOT available

About Us


How We Can Keep Your Price Low
  • Our suits are constructed overseas: In order to keep our suit costs low, we construct our suits overseas, and then they’re fitted/tailored by Ms. Jade
  • We do not outsource fitting/alteration: Your experience with us begins and ends at Formed Fit  from designing to fitting. We are able to keep your cost low by getting all works done in-house
  • No hidden fees/charges: All options are included in our custom suit. Unless there’s a significant change in weight/shape we do not put limit on tailoring your suit


Our Choice of Fabric - Wool
  1. Form: wool sets on the body bringing the natural shape to form the best look
  2. Breathable yet water resistant: wool’s breathability allows ventilation during summer and its resistance to water keeps the fabric in its original form
  3. Heat resistant: wool reacts slower to heat than other used fabrics – retaining its original look even after ironing/steaming

Contact Us

How We Communicate

575 E. University Pkwy. #D64
Orem, UT 84097

801.426.9000 | 10a-9p, M-Sa

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2018 Google Reviews

This place is amazing!!! Hands down the best place for men to get a wedding suit tailored.
I originally bought my suit from Jos A Bank and was very unhappy with the customer service there and the unprofessional way they tailored my suit. It was awful.
I brought in my suit to Mrs. Jade at Formed Fit and she was so easy to work with and I knew I could trust her. She tailored the suit to my body type perfectly even though Jos A Bank had messed up the measurements and suit significantly.
I would highly recommend working with Formed Fit for any of your wedding suit needs! Watch out Utah, there’s a fresh and professional tailor in town! 5 stars!!

Review of Formed Fit by Bryce CatenJuly, 2018, Bryce Caten

Sarah was most helpful! I was in this store during the weekend and decided not to get a suit we loved and then got back home to Az and realized we loved the suit and can’t find anything like it here in az not for the price we wanted.
So Sarah found the exact suit we wanted went above and beyond and had it shipped next day for us.
It was packaged perfectly no wrinkles. And she even followed up with me to make sure it was the right suit, exceptional service thank you!

Review of Formed Fit by Rachel PowellJuly, 2018, Rachel Powell

Very Very impressed with the quality and service offered by Formed Fit.
I got exactly the suit I wanted for my wedding day.
See for yourself!
They made it absolutely perfect.
10/10 would recommend them for a custom suit.

Review of Formed Fit by Bryce CatenJuly, 2018, Cooper Thacker

Very Very impressed with the quality and service offered by Formed Fit.
I got exactly the suit I wanted for my wedding day.
See for yourself!
They made it absolutely perfect.
10/10 would recommend them for a custom suit.

Review of Formed Fit by Jared PattenMay, 2018, Jared Patten

Best fitting suit I have ever had. I had major alterations done to my suit and they did awesome.
The tailor does not get offended, so you can let her know when you want something changed, and she will change it without any issue.

Review of Formed Fit by Tre HarrisMay, 2018, Tre Harris

I bought a belt here a while ago and the clasp would not lock the belt into place.
I came in and explained the issue.
With no questions, not even for a receipt, they replaced my belt.
It took less than five minutes. Great customer service.

Review of Formed Fit by Kelly OlsenJune, 2018, Kelly Olsen

They are super knowledgeable and professional, the prices are great, the fabric is very high quality, the suit looks incredible. There’s quite a bit of customizability with how you want the suit to look and fit. Tons of fabrics and styles to choose from. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a high-quality custom suit for very reasonable prices to hit up Formed Fit.

formedfit-googlereview-bradenpackardAugust, 2018, Braden Packard

My Grandpa passed away on Monday & I didn’t reach out to Sarah (Formed Fit) until Thursday to see if she could tailor my suit before Sunday.
She was honest & told me that it would be a lot of work, but she promised that it would be finished by Saturday night @ 8:00pm.
I went by last night (Saturday) @ 8:00pm to pick up the suit & Sarah had me try it on before I left to make sure that everything fit perfectly. I felt like a young Conor McGregor before fighting Floyd Mayweather (see attached image below).
I’m very grateful for Sarah & will definitely be coming back to her in the future!

formedfit-googlereview-maxwellhillMay, 2018, Maxwell Hill

Fair price, and an amazing job. They fitted my entire suit, had me come in a week later to make sure it was fitting right and then made more adjustments. It fit perfectly for my first look pictures.

formedfit-googlereview-chaseturbivilleApril, 2018, Chase Turbiville

Fitting pants for me is not easy, and she ended up having to tailer them three times. But she never complained and she did her best. I was proud to wear the suit for my wedding. Awesome service. Awesome suit.

4.7 / 5
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